Take A Jacksonville FL Vacation And Visit These Four Attractions

You’re planning a vacation to Jacksonville FL, or you’re thinking about it anyway. By the time you’re done reading this article, hopefully you find yourself booking those tickets. With places to visit like the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary and Big Talbot Island State Park, JAX is certainly a great city for vacations. These four attractions in Jacksonville, Florida might be of interest to you.

When on vacation in Jacksonville, one of the places you might want to start with is Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens. Stop by Stingray Bay, check out the tiger exhibit, hop on the train and much more. One thing about Jacksonville Zoo & Gardens is that you know your kids are going to have a great time. Plus, they will be worn out by the time they take in all that the 73 acre zoo has to offer.

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena is certainly worth a visit. There are all kinds of sporting events held there, and it is also a great concert venue. When you’re in River City and want to be entertained, Jacksonville Veterans Memorial ARena is a great place to go. Check out the event schedule to see what tickets you can get for this venue while on vacation.

There are the main attractions, like the ones mentioned so far, and then there are very interesting and unique places to visit. For example, you can stop by Ritz Theater & La Villa Museum. The theater seats 400, and it is located at 829 North Davis Street. This is a historical place of interest, and you’re going to learn quite a lot about the history of African-American culture. You’re also going to learn more about the history and culture of Jacksonville FL.

Perhaps now it is time to stop by one of the many great parks in Jacksonville FL. One of them is Ed Austin Regional Park, located on McCormick Road. You can enjoy the walking trails there, play disc golf, plan a picnic and much more. You can take your dog with you if you have him or her on vacation, too.

Doesn’t Jacksonville seem like one of the best cities in the US to visit? If you’ve ever been to Florida, you know some of what to expect. Yet each city in the Sunshine State has its own unique charm. You’re going to have fun in Jacksonville, and don’t forget to learn more about the city while you’re there, too.