Jacksonville Florida At A Glance

The city of Jacksonville Florida is a fascinating city and has a lot of surprising true facts about it that many people aren’t aware of – even if they live in Florida or the city of Jacksonville itself. This is a city with quite a lot to go into so without any further ado let’s dive right in!

Jacksonville Is Larger
Many people, even in the state of Florida (or even the city of Jacksonville), are surprised to learn that Jacksonville is the largest city in pretty much every measurable way in the state of Florida! Jacksonville has the largest population and when it comes to pure territory, Jacksonville is the largest (most sprawling) city by square miles in the Lower 48 States. That is pretty dang impressive, isn’t it?

Did Anyone Say NFL?
The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the most recent expansion teams in the National Football League and that has brought a level of attention to the city that they hadn’t experienced beforehand. The NFL has brought a lot of attention to the city and that has been a great match. The residents are huge fans, the Jags are the only major pro team there, and the attention has made people see just how much this city actually does have to offer.

If the football team can actually improve its performance in the future than that upward trend will only continue.

Things To Do
There are many things to do in the city of Jacksonville. From an incredible array of parks to nearly 30 miles of beaches, there’s a lot of outdoor activities. If you’re not exactly the outdoor type there are plenty of restaurants, bars, craft beer breweries, museums, and more to bring plenty of things to do for tourists and residents alike. There should never be a shortage of things to do no matter what your interests are!

In Conclusion
While Miami might get attention as the crown jewel of Florida cities, Orlando gets attention as home to Disney, and Tampa often comes in as the underrated sister city, Jacksonville somehow remains in the shadows despite its impressive size and offerings. While the acquisition of an NFL franchise has helped this large city to begin stepping out of the shadows, there’s a long way to go and until that arc is complete Jacksonville will be one of those true hidden gems of a city.

Visit Jacksonville today for a great vacation experience!